What Ya Doin' Wednesday

1.  Waiting for snow that may or may not come.  The weather in the mountains is much less predictable than that of the plains.  We should have between 6" and 12" by morning, but then again we might not have any.

2.  Preparing to teach a Bible Study that I haven't even read yet.  With my Mom's visit and Thanksgiving our schedule has been a bit off over the last week.  I took Mom to the airport this morning and now I have to get ready for all my kids.

3.  Dreaming about felting the alpaca fleece that I purchased today.  I've taken up a new hobby; felting.  I love it.  It is what has taken my free time lately (obviously something had since I haven't been blogging much!)  Mom kidnapped one of the hats I had made, but I think it looked better on her anyway and now I know her head will be warm.

I could keep going, but I had better get back to #2.