What Ya Doin' Wednesday

Q:  What ya doin'?

A:  Taking care of 5 boys, 3 dogs, 1 husband and 1 house.  The yard work will have to wait a few days, but the floors are clean enough to eat off of today(because they do sometimes - 5 second rule).

If you have been following along you know that my darling husband brought home our godson, GiggleBox, last Friday.  What you don't know is that when we went to the Farmer's Market yesterday (yep, all 7 of us) my darling husband fell in love with a standard blue poodle that crossed his path.  When he stopped to give her owner a compliment his greeting was returned with a prompt, "Thank you, she is available for adoption".

Adoption is nothing new for us.  We have 3 adopted children and 2 adopted dogs (you can't really have a birth dog), so of course he was interested in this beauty.  The 7 of us spent some time getting to know her, listened to her story (she had arrived last Friday after being found in a high-kill shelter) and then we went home to complete the on-line adoption application.  Later in the day my darling husband took our 2 dogs over to her foster-mom's house to meet her.   Our dogs are a part of our family, so they get a vote also.

The dogs loved her and my darling brought her home yesterday evening to a trail visit.  If all goes well we will complete her adoption later this week (adopting a dog is so much easier than adopting a child).

I left out the best part; my darling husband left for a business trip this morning at 4 am (after bringing home an extra child and an extra dog in less than a week).  It's okay.  After years of being foster parents he knows that I am used to adjusting to whatever is tossed my way until he can get back home.  A newborn needs a home.  "Sure".  A baby with a broken arm.  "Okay".  A sibling group of 3 that are covered in permanent marker "tattoos".  "Bring them on over".  A baby with a fractured skull.  "Let me get the other baby bed ready".  A child with severe allergies to nuts.  "Give me 30 minutes to clean out the pantry and wipe down all the surfaces".  As long as I know he will be home as soon as possible I can get through anything with a lot of prayer and God's gifts.


  1. Another dog! You are so brave! I'm still trying to work up the nerve for just one. Of course, having the cat makes that a little bit more complicated. I have a feeling we'll end up with one at some point for my little animal lover of a daughter!


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