Out of His Mouth: Mommy I hope you die soon

Earlier today while out rummaging through a thrift store with JellyBean he caught me a little off guard with his words.

JellyBean:  "Mommy, I hope you die soon."
Mommy:  "What?" (thinking to myself ... he did not just say what I thought I heard)
JellyBean:  "I hope you die soon."
Mommy: (he did say that... deep breath ...)  "Why?"
JellyBean:  "So you can go to Heaven and meet Jesus" (said with a very matter-of-fact tone like it was the most normal thing in the world to have said).
Mommy:  "Oh".  (internal sigh ...)  "I will go to Heaven and meet Jesus one day, but right now I am busy raising you guys and Jesus wants me here".
JellyBean:  "How long will it take?  I'm sorry you have to wait."
Mommy:  "I don't mind waiting.  I like being your Mommy."
JellyBean:  "I'm glad you are my Mom.  I love you".