Care Providers

One of the most difficult parts of moving away from our long time home area was leaving behind the pool of care providers.  With a family of six we had many opportunities to test area doctors, dentists, day cares and churches.  We were blessed to find some of the best.

Our wonderful pediatrician:  When our family decided to open our door to the children of the foster care system we went through all of the mandatory training and heard all the horror stories about doctors and dentists that were perpetually behind schedule with waiting rooms running over only to finally get into the patient room, wait some more and then leave without the problem really resolved.  We did have some experiences in this arena, but we didn't give up searching for the best care available for all the children that lived with us throughout our tenure as a foster family.  I don't really believe in luck, but prefer to call it a blessing when things go right.  When a beautiful little girl graced our home for a stay we were fortunate to be blessed at the same time with a pediatrician that accepted Medicaid that was everything we were looking to have for our family.  In fact, we liked the office so much that we moved our entire family over to their practice.  If someone tells you there are not any good Medicaid doctors available keep looking.  I promise you there are many jewels out there awaiting your discovery.
I think I may have found our new resource, but we haven't really expreienced any illnesses since our move.  Time will tell if we have found a new provider or if we will keep searching.

Our wonderful dentist:  As a child I had some frightening experiences in the dentist chair, but as an adult I had an absolute horror story.  Something is wrong with the nerve map of my body and my nerves are not in the same place as the majority of the population.  What problem does this cause you wonder - well many, but the one specific to dentistry is numbing the site of the dental work.  One dentist in my past did not get the area numb, so he tired again only to numb my face to the point that I could not blink.  However, my jaw was still not numb.  He proceeded to drill and fill my cavity while I felt it all.  I swore to never return to a dentist, but knowing my responsibility to my family I had to find a good dentist for them.  I set about finding someone close to my darling husband's office and then interviewed dentists.  We were blessed to find a wonderful dental practice during our search. He is kind, he listens to fears and concerns and worked with children as well as adults.  I've even called their office since we have moved with a question and he offered to help me find a dentist here.
We have been blessed again to find a wonderful pediatric dentist that has a soft spot for big families formed through adoption.  (We are still searching for the adult version).

Our wonderful church:  The church is the bride of Christ.  Designed to mirror the relationship between provider/protector and helper that is found in a Christian marriage.  Our church was our provider, our protector, our sanctuary and in turn we were their helpers serving in areas of need.  We were blessed to spend many years in the Bible Belt of America where going to church was a way of life.  Almost everyone I knew went to church, and not just on Easter and Christmas.  We served in ministry roles and gained loads of experience at the hands of caring ministers in mega-churches.
When we began to discuss the idea of moving we prayed and asked for guidance, we asked for open doors, we asked for lit paths and we were heard by our Almighty Father.  It wasn't the answer I had anticipated, but He cleared a path and has set us down again to do His work.  We have found a new church that teaches the Word, is open and inviting, is growing and seems to be the place He had planned for us all along.  We had wanted to find a church with an established adoption/foster care ministry, but it seems that was not God's plan for our life.  He has given us much knowledge and exposure to wonderful people in this area.  Time will tell if His plan if for us to build it again.  (I just got a phone call asking me to be on the decorating committee - they are looking for someone to hand off the responsibility to one day.  Don't tell my darling husband, but told her I would consider it.  I'll break the news to him tonight).

The good news is that we are meeting a lot of new people and finding new resources.  Blessings await us.  Of that I am sure.