How To Change A Spouse

Photo credit: - Kelly Snelgrove

Do you have those moments of profound thoughts and wonder why it never occurred to you before?

I had one such moment the other day while facilitating a Love & Logic class.  

In each class I attempt to get the parents attending to realize that although the techniques are sometimes difficult and require that you give up some old ways the new skills will have a profound affect on your children.  Change is hard.  

My challenge that day was this:  Parents have grown to judge themselves and other by how much we do for our kids.  Love & Logic teaches that by doing everything for our children we steal important learning opportunities and significant chances to find their own success.  All of this is straight out of the book.  

My new thought was this - 

"You never have a better opportunity to change a spouse than right now - the child you are raising is likely to become someone's significant other.  Do your future daughter-in-law or son-in-law the blessing of raising up the best spouse that you are able to provide."  

What would you want in a spouse?  


Those attributes are so much easier to foster in youth than to change in adulthood.

Changing old parenting habits can be hard, but each year you wait to change it will become more difficult to have a legacy creating affect.