Teacher's Gift to "Taste the Rainbow"

Photo Credit:  Chris Schauder, 5/13/2015

It's been raining here ... a lot.  I should be thankful it isn't snow.  I am thankful that we have stayed just below flood stage, but I miss the sunshine!  It just doesn't feel like summer yet, although the kids get out of school tomorrow.

Rather than complain any longer I decided to embrace the rain, and it's rainbows and the possibility of a pot of gold this year for the Teacher's Gifts.  

When it comes to giving end of the year gifts I'm a fan of giving something that I know all professionals want more of ... money.  Cold hard cash.  I've done gift cards in the past, but I've found my friends who are teachers confide they get a lot of gift cards to buy more books.  Since giving cash I've received thank you notes for the new pair of boots she was saving for on up to thanks for the free tank of gas!  

That said I'm a crafty girl at heart, so an envelope full of money just doesn't make me smile when I hand it over.  This year I decided to modify an idea found on Pinterest.  

Small canning jar with lid
Skittles (or other suitable candy)
$$$$ or gold coins - available at the bank

Here is my result:

& the all important Tag: