Bachelors Outside My Window

I have a group of bachelors outside by bathroom window, elk bachelors.  I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye and walked over to investigate, then I ran to grab my camera before they left. As it turned out they stuck around for most of the afternoon.  They are not the least bit camera shy.

Well, this one was a little camera shy, but I managed to snap his photo just before he ducked back behind the tree ...

Yes, it is May 13th and that is fresh snow with green grass trying to grow.  Just yesterday there was 18" of snow right there.  It melts quickly this time of year.  People often ask how I put up with the weather here.  Now that you have seen the view from my bathroom window I'm sure you understand why I am willing to put up with it.  It was in the 70s just a few days ago, and it will be again before long.  For now we are snuggled down and enjoying the solitude that the side of a mountain offers with a spring snow and a herd of bachelor elk grazing just out our door.