The Monster Under The Stairs

I've wanted to close in these stairs and extend the storage area for the longest time.  One of our dogs is actually afraid of them and won't even go downstairs, so she only lives in half of our house.  Oddly enough she is the dominant dog out of our three.  However, I digress, this blog is about the monster that lives under our stairs.

No, he doesn't live in the little storage area.  Our stair monster is my 6'+ teenage son lovingly referred to here as SugarBear who reaches through the openings and grabs his brother's legs as they are running up the stairs.  This morning he "captured" JellyBean and what followed was such a giggle fest that I though JellyBean might be in danger of slipping between the risers (he won't actually fit) and melting into the lair of the Stair Monster.  Unlike a troll there isn't a toll that one needs to pay for safe passage.  Rather you just have to beat him at his own game and dance your way up the stairs faster than he can grab your legs.

I love it when we get to have a lazy morning without the rush of getting to school on time.  Summer cannot get here soon enough for this Mom.