The King’s Lesson

Long ago, in a far away forest surrounded by tall mountains there was a boy and a dragon that became great friends.  They would play in the yard outside the boy’s home on the other side of the trees where no one would see them together.  

One day the king found out there was a dragon in his Kingdom.  He did not like that.  The king decided to send his best soldiers to capture the dragon. 

The dragon heard about the king’s plan to capture him and became very frightened.  If only he were an older dragon he could defend himself, but he was still young and very scared.  The boy heard too, but he thought of a plan to help his friend. 

He whispered his plan to the dragon the next day and then said aloud, “Maybe the soldiers will not see you that way”.  The boy and the dragon searched the forest for the perfect tree all day, but at the end of the day they had not found one.  It was too late. 

The day had come and the soldiers were looking for the dragon.  They were getting close.  The dragon tried to hide, but he couldn’t.  He was too big.  The soldiers were getting closer and closer.  They captured the dragon.  He tried to get away, but he couldn’t.

They brought him to the castle.  The dragon tried to cut himself free, but he could not.  The dragon sat in the dungeon with a collar and chain around his neck.  He was very sad.  He had forgotten about the boy and his plan.

The boy had not forgotten about his friend the dragon.  Sadness can make you forget things.  The boy knew that he must save his friend. Dragons cannot live in dungeons.  The sadness and darkness is not good for them. 

When the dragon saw the boy in the corner he remembered the boy’s plan for if the soldiers ever captured him.  The dragon distracted the workers while the boy lifted the gate up.  The dragon escaped, and the workers ran after him.

Then He and the boy went to the woods and were happy.  The boy taught the dragon a lot of stuff that dragons dream that boys might teach them in the woods.  All about sword fighting, camping and cooking on a campfire.  For the first time the dragon felt safe and the king learned his lesson. 

Dragons should not be taken away from their boys and kept in dungeons.  Sadness and darkness are not good because they can make us forget our happiness, but good friends are like heroes and rescue us from our sadness.

By HoneyBunny & His Mom

April 16, 2014
All Rights Reserved
2014 Today at Out Treehouse


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