Did You Give Up?

So, I was asked today if I gave up.  To clarify, I was asked if I gave up writing my blog.  No, I haven't given up writing my blog.  My kids just haven't done anything exciting lately.  Okay, that isn't really true.  They do so much exciting and interesting stuff, and often I think, "I should blog about that"; then I get busy.

So, I guess the real story is ... I've been busy.  Busy doing what, well a lot of stuff, but it sounds too self important to talk about it.  I will tell you about my latest obsession, disappointment, struggle ... I'm coming to terms with it.  Norwex.  Have you heard of it?  Google it.  Google knows about almost everything.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine invited me to a cleaning "party".  Yep, read it again.  It still said cleaning party the second time too - weird, right?  I didn't RSVP because I was already overcommitted that day.  She emailed.  She might have called too.  I don't remember.  I agreed to try to fit it in, and I was eventually able to attend.

I ended up leaving the "party" with a small bag having written a small check with 3 clothes.  Let's just say I was skeptical.  It is really my default state when someone is trying to sell me something.  I own and often use the 3M brand window cleaning cloths to clean all the mirror in my house.  I didn't really expect the Norwex to be any different.

I followed the directions for the Enviro Cloth and cleaned my kitchen including my microwave.  Then I noticed something unusual.  My microwave was sparkling.  Hmmm.  That was odd.  I'm not talking shining.  I mean really sparkling; like it did the day we took it out of the box and removed the protective film.  I had only used this little Enviro Cloth and water then followed it up with the Polishing Cloth.  I know for a fact there was gunk around the handle that would not come off, because I had just tried an arsenal of chemicals on it.  They must have finally worked.  Lucky break.

On my cleaning went with similar happenings in other rooms.  The gunk around the bottom of the water faucet that the contractor had left is now gone.  I was certain it was made of kryptonite.  Apparently this Enviro Cloth has more power than Superman.  It even took the tape residue off one of our windows that the razor blade couldn't get off - how did it do that?  Why won't it answer me?  I thought I had etched the glass in my three large glass lanterns and that they were cloudy for life. I had accepted it.  They are now clear and sparkling.  It is fabric and water.  How does it do that?!?

So, now I am frustrated by a cleaning cloth that appears ordinary.  Do you see my problem?  It could become an obsession.  If I know it is that easy and safe to be clean then it probably should be clean.  I am somewhat disappointed because it worked.  Difficult to admit, yet true.  I'm struggling with the desire to purchase more.  I have a closet full of cleaners that can't seem to hold a candle to this cloth, so I'm ready to pitch them out and replace them with a stack of cloths that are ready to go.

Did I mention there is also a dusting mit?  I hate to dust.  There are kid size dusting mits.  I love for my kids to dust.  Currently, I put sock on their hands.  Dusting mits seems like a better option.  Oh, the possibilities ...

No, I didn't give up ... I've just been busy.  No, not just cleaning.  It is the season of volunteering!