Fun with vinyl

Last week was the 8th grade class' chance to show their teachers a little appreciation.  The class coordinator decided to restock the teacher's lounge with all kinds of goodies since school is just getting started and the shelves were a little bare.  I could have just donated a bag of dried fruit (we are also doing something else a bit later in the month), but that is boring.  I don't want to be boring, so I layered some dried fruit into a cute little glass jar and then cut out a vinyl decal.

Here is the result:  Dried Fruit and Birds on a Branch

On to my next little project.  I have long believed that we should celebrate parents on birthdays.  After all Mom did most of the work that day.  We have had the privledge of watching a young man "grow-up" for the last decade or so, and he has recently turned 16!  I can't believe it.  I also can't believe he will now be driving.

Below is the little gift I made for his Mom.  She is great, but I don't think she will really hide his keys.

Here is the result:  Keep Calm and Hide his Keys