The Night Before Back To School

All the school uniforms have been purchased and are ready to wear.
Lunches are planned and snack bags await near their chairs.
Breakfast stands ready to bake and devour.
Bedtimes were met; okay, they were within the hour.

One last detail for Mom before bed.
One last "need" is stuck in her head.
Off to plan, critique, cut and glue.
Personalized water bottles for my little crew.

All the boys start school tomorrow.
My little JellyBean is so happy to be a big boy starting Kindergarten (finally).
HoneyBunny is lucky enough to have the same teacher for 2nd grade that LoveBug had last year.
This is LoveBug's last year in the K-3 building.  Next year he will be moving to another building.
SugarBear will spend his 8th grade year on the same campus with his younger brothers before moving on to HS next year.

I'm not like a lot of moms that cry on the first day of school.  I don't do a little dance either.  I miss my boys when they aren't home with me, but I delight in dreaming about the young men they are becoming.