Washer Water Everywhere!

Okay, not really ... yet.  My darling husband just left and wouldn't you know it, I opened the clothes washer to find that it isn't draining.  We had this happen before and after a service call and 2 hours of service discovered that somehow one of the boy's t-shirts had been sucked into the drain.  How it got in there I will never know.  Oddly enough it was never missed.

So, I looked on line and found this tutorial as to how to repair the washer that won't drain.  Cross your fingers.  I'm likely to try it tonight, after the kids go to bed.

I hope I remember to unplug everything ... tragic way to find their mother in the morning ... would they make breakfast for themselves ... I need to focus ...  Is this why I can't sit still enough to watch a whole movie ... I've got too much on my mind ...

There wasn't water everywhere, but there was a good deal of water.

As it turns out after I took off the front panel there was a clean-out.  When I unscrewed it this is what I found along with (1) quarter and (10) pennies - how did those get in there?  Boys are messy (just overlook the hair clip - I'm sure that was their's too).