Introducing Duke and Miss Fancy

This is Duke ...

... and this is Miss Fancy

We had suspected that one of our "pullets" might be a rooster for the last month or so.  One of the chicks grew significantly faster than the others and had a slightly different comb.  Then came the two telling signs (1) poof - the sudden arrival of a long tail feather - just one, poor guy and (2) he crowed - not a hen crow, but a real cock-a-doodle-do.  This was good news for us because we had sold our last rooster with his flock and needed a replacement.  Since we raised him from a chick he is rather laid back, so far, and still eats out of my hand.

All of our roosters have names because, well I don't really have a reason, it just seems like they are special and need names.  There is something about this guys strut that made us think of royalty, so he is now "the Duke of Hillside Treehouse".  We also have 2 hens that are named.  Above you will see a picture of one of our Black Cochin hens.  She has been the top hen since they were all just a few weeks old and the feathers on her legs have always been that showy.  In fact, she looked like a duck walking when she was a chick before she grew into her feathers.  She isn't fully grown yet and will likely get even more beautiful when she plumps out a bit.  Right now she is at that late teenager stage - you remember it, don't kid yourself.  Her feathers are impeccable, and she is always grooming herself.  Thus, she has become Miss Fancy.