Window Shopping

Just when I think that all is quiet during the night I am reminded that we do live in the woods.  This shouldn't come as a surprise to me because I have posted many times about our wildlife visitors, but nonetheless I am surprised.

What surprised me?  This.

Yes, my car needs to be washed, but that isn't what you are supposed to notice.  Those aren't human prints, those are bear paw prints.  Look closely and you can see the print from his/her muzzle (nose) just above the paw prints from where (s)he peered into the car to see if there was anything good to eat.

I had sets of prints similar to these on both sides of the car on all three windows.  Our visitor looked into the front seat, the middle seat and the rear seat.  Alas, I don't allow the kids to eat in the car, so there wasn't any food.  Ironically, my darling husband had just put the soft top on his Jeep and had forgotten to put it in the garage last night.  It was parked right beside my SUV in the driveway.  There was absolutely no sign of bear activity on the Jeep and there was food in there.  Go figure.