Rocky Mountain Buffet

What is a Rocky Mountain Buffet?  Some know it as trash day, but around here it is buffet day.

SugarBear spotted this real life bear on the way home from church on Wednesday night.  Sorry about the picture quality, but my phone was the only camera that I had and it was raining.

This little guy is up to no good and is certainly going to be causing problems on the mountain this summer.  At the same time ... it was a lot of fun to see him, even if his behavior was lacking.  

Obviously, we stopped on the road and spent a little time watching him.  Have you ever read our blog and wondered why we put up with snow in May?  From time to time I forget too.  Then spring finally arrives and I get to share this with my boys.  Not bunnies for wildlife, but bears.

Not far from here is a sign that a neighbor has put up stating "Slow Baby Fox Den".  The sheriff even came out and put up a slow traffic sign, and we are all slowing down just in case the kits cross the road.  Next will be the elk calves arriving along with the fawns.  The renewal of life in the mountains is amazing.  With a little luck they will find plenty to eat and all stay away from the chickens.  However, I must admit that I am a bit more cautious when venturing out at night now.  We have some rather large predators lurking around too that have recently had their litters and would like to find easy food.

Update:  I saw the baby fox a few days ago.  She is solid black.  A rare find among foxes and a beauty to behold.