Spring Time in the Mountains

It is spring time in the Rocky Mountains.  With spring comes the reawakening of some of our wildlife (the bears will be out soon, if not already) and the massive spring snows.  The spring snows are essential protection against the wildfire season, but I can't say that I always look forward to them.

Yesterday, SugarBear and I spent "quality time" together shoveling 12" of snow off the deck so it wouldn't be pulled off the side of our house.  Today, I sat in the kitchen looking out the window above the sink while I enjoyed my coffee.  Since my camera was close enough to grab without getting up I thought I would share a few shots with you.

If you look closely you will notice that this little dark-eyed Junco was dropping the seeds that he did not want to eat over the side.  I had wondered why the feeder had been going empty so rapidly of late.