Overheard just now ...

"[JellyBean], stop breathing.  Seriously."

When I blog about something "odd" that has been said in our house it is usually me that said it.

However, hearing HoneyBunny tell his brother to stop breathing caused me to turn my head, look over at them and make sure that JellyBean had not bothered to obey is older brother.  Now that I know JellyBean is still breathing, allow me to explain.

JellyBean is a mouth breather.  I'm not sure how he does it, but it is loud.  Loud enough that I had it checked out when he was younger.  I was sure there was something blocking his airway.  As it turn out, there was nothing.  He is just loud.

As I type HoneyBunny and JellyBean are laying on the carpet outside my office playing on HoneyBunny's DS.  I can tell it is StarWars Lego by the music.  It is intense.  HoneyBunny is trying to concentrate.  I can hear JellyBean breathing over the noise from the music.  The good news is that if HoneyBunny can learn to maintain his concentration through the "breathing distraction" he should do well in libraries.

I personally have always found it difficult to study in a library.  It is so quiet until someone sits next to you and chews, swallows, breaths .... you get the picture.

I'm with you HoneyBunny.  JellyBean is loud, but I really do think we should let him keep breathing.