Adoption Dedication Candle Lighting Ceremony

As promised ... The Candle Lighting Ceremony

This was the moment I (their Mom) cried.  This is when it finally became so very real for me.  This was the moment that I realized that God had trusted us to raise these 3 little boys; that He had chosen us to be their family.  On the hard days this is the moment to which I return to remember the promise (to show light and love) that I made years ago.

3 Wick Candle
3 Taper Candles

The Candle Lighting Ceremony for Adoption 

The first candle, held by XXXX (family member, godparent, etc.), represents the connection that your birthparents shared with one another that brought you life.

The second candle, held by XXXX (Dad), represents the courage that defined the people who stepped into your life to help make you safe.  {This could be modified to include named foster families, CASA, attorneys, etc.}

The third candle, held by XXXX (Mom) represents the love that your adoptive family promises to share with you forever.

The final candle has three wicks and represents God's love in the form of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Each of the first three candles should be used to light a wick from the candle representing God's love in your family's life as these words are spoken.

"May your family always share the light and love that God has given to you and to those around you."