The Chicks in Their New Home

Last Monday we picked up 30 little day old chicks from a local farm supply store to replace the flock that was decimated by the dog a few weeks ago.  Up in the mountains it is still rather cold (20" of snow just a few days ago), so it is nearly impossible to keep them at 90 degrees without bringing them inside.

For the last week they have been living in a make-shift brooder in my darling's office which is very near our bedroom.  Just like typical newborns their days and nights are backwards, and they chirp all night long.  Thus, they needed to find a new bedroom.

The Den (may) fit the bill.  By making use of a water trough from the barn,

adding in some platforms for the feed and water,

clamping on heat lamps and filling the bottom with pine shavings the chicks have a new home.

Add chicks ...

They seem happy ... found the food first and the water next ...

A few more pictures, just because they are cute ...