Lunch Date

The boys were out of school today for Parent / Teacher Conferences, so my darling took the 3 oldest to go skiing while JellyBean stayed home to be my assistant.  I had planned to spend the morning with a good friend and her little girl taking a few pictures.  JellyBean brought along his camera and took pictures of me taking pictures of their little princess.

After finishing up with the photo session and sitting through the last round of conferences JellyBean needed a break.  At his suggestion we settled in at a small table for 2 in the sunlight for our lunch date.  It had been quite a long time since I had taken any of the boys out for a date.  We talked about our favorite parts of the day, our plans for the rest of the day and how lucky we were that the big boys left us home together.  He will be starting school next year, and we will not get as many opportunities to spend time together.  

I like to think of our little "dates" as laying a foundation for the later years ... years from now when he will date, marry and then come home to take ME out on a lunch date.  Oh, the dreams that I have ...