I know it's not an exact science, but ...

So, you are thinking of moving to the Rocky Mountains?  We love it here, but there is something you should know about.  Weather predictions and forecasted snow accumulations are not always correct.

I know weather prediction is not an exact science and that it can be very difficult.  I grew up in Oklahoma; the weather there changes every 30 seconds.  

It is spring and here that doesn't always mean bright sunny days, some days are filled with snow.  We are forecasted to get snow all week.  Forecasted, hmm.  There was a 100 percent chance of snow last night with a 2" accumulation and a predicted high of 49 degrees F.  Great news for us.  Moisture that our mountains always need, and no shoveling for me due to the forecasted high temp.

I woke up to this:

This is apparently what 2" of "Rocky Mountain" snow looks like.  No the picture isn't fuzzy; it is still snowing.  Wet, heavy snow.  Snow that had to be shoveled off the deck.  The good news?  I can eat anything I want today knowing I will burn all those calories putting all this white, fluffy stuff were it needs to be (on the soil) and removing it from our deck, courtyard and patio.

My tulips broke through a little over a week ago.  Hopefully they survive.