Fire and Ice in the Mountains

Our beautiful venue.
It is with great joy (and a bit of relief) that I now reflect on the 12th annual Silent and Live Auction for the charger school which the boys attend.  It was my honor to serve as the Chair of this year’s auction.  Chairing an event such as this is not a one-person assignment, and would not have been a success if it were not for the time, dedication, financial resources and hard work of many volunteers.  I enjoyed my duties and made many good friends.
We called the event "A Night of Fire and Ice" with a nod to our wintery mountains and the mammoth size fireplace at the Manor.  It is a beautiful, private venue that we were fortunate enough to use this year thanks to the generosity of the property owners and the unlimited helpfulness of the Estate Manager.   
If you look closely you can see the fireplace behind the wonderful Kid Art.  
Yes, it was really done by children with the guidance of local artists.  The works were amazing!

Our event was a success and raised needed funds for our school.  None of it would have been possible without those who volunteered as part of the planing committee, worked on Kid art, sponsored the event, donated items for the event and especially those that bid on all of the items we had collected.  We are blessed to have so many in our community committed to the success of our children.
Time with Teachers - 
a.k.a. time spent with your most beloved teacher doing something fun together and making memories.