The Comings and Goings of Santa

(borrowed from here)

Here we sit around the breakfast table enjoying the White Christmas the God blessed us with as His gift last night.  We are keeping the day focused on Christ (and, of course, a few detours into gifts and skiing) ...  The kitchen smells of Croissants, Scrambled Eggs and Ham served with a side of Mom's Apple Butter.  And usual HoneyBunny is taking a bit longer than we would like to finish his breakfast.

In need of a little motivation, Nana suggests that Santa might just come back down the chimney and take the gifts back; if HoneyBunny doesn't hurry.  All of the little ones cry out at the near impossibility of such a stunt, but SugarBear pipes up "Santa is like a stealthy, fat ninja" implying that the gifts might already be gone.  Moments later the eggs are gone!  Why didn't I think of that?