Sugar Scrubs

I have a new love ... no not another child, but a new love.  SUGAR SCRUBS.

With winter upon us in the mountains and ashy, dry skin abounding I needed to find something that would work.  Vat of lotion had been of little help and my tried and true brands were not giving us the soft skin I was looking to achieve.  Then something clicked ... a blog post I read months ago ... which blog was it ... the search was on!  As you can see from the link above, I found it.

I tried an Sweet Orange and Anise scented version on myself Friday night.  I have to admit I was surprised by the results.  My skin was smooth AND hydrated.  I used a blend of Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil and Olive Oil that I use for making soap (we will get to that later), simple table sugar and essential oils.  Next, I mixed up a batch for LoveBug, HoneyBunny and JellyBean.  For them I used the same basic recipe, but replaced the Sweet Orange and Anise Oils with Vanilla and Clove Oil.  They smelled like cookies as I was showing them how to scrub their skin!

JellyBean thought I was scrubbing off his skin (he can be SO dramatic), SugarBear loved being washed with "sandpaper" (gotta love those SPD kiddos - you never know what they are going to like) and LoveBug tolerated the scrub down, but then commented "I feel like silk".  He continued to "feel like silk" for more than a day.  In fact, I had to limit him to only one use a week.  For SugarBear I made a blend that included Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oils and he used his Sunday night.  He was surprised by the results as well and kept the whole batch so he would have it on hand when he wanted to use it again.

Who would have ever thought?

I would recommend that you run to the kitchen and mix up a batch now.  Let it sit for the rest of the day and then indulge in a spa experience at home.