Letters to Santa

All of the boys have completed their letters to Santa ... ALL of them.  We have never been big "pushers" of Santa, but ...

I honestly told them that I picked up their letters and went to the post office yesterday.  All true.  I picked them up off of the table and put them in my purse and I went to the post office to mail out some gifts.  But, that was yesterday.

So what did they do today?  Sit down at the table to write additional letters to Santa.  When I asked why, LoveBug replied, "Because I thought of something else".  Simple enough.  However, I inquired further.  "Didn't you already write a letter to Santa?  What if he is finished with your gifts?  Again, LoveBug "Mommy, he doesn't finish until I finish.  I can keep writing letters everyday."  Hmmm

Pushing that aside for a moment ...

SugarBear chimed in with "I have something I want to add too."  
Mom, "Really?"  
SugarBear, "Yep, I want a butler."  (Remember SugarBear is 13 years old)  
Mom, "A butler?"
SugarBear, "Yep.  I'm sure Santa can make it happen."  Said with a twinkle in his eye.
Mom, ... (speechless) .... (still no words come to mind) .... (little boys staring at me) ... (I'll get even with him one day) ... (he will have children) ... (I will spoil them rotten, then send them home) ... "I have to make Baklava." (see previous post)