I did it! I made Baklava!

I made Baklava!  I can't believe it worked.  I mean I cook all the time, and I prefer baking to actually feed the family "cooking".  However, Baklava looked intimidating.  I cheated a bit, but I think everyone uses Phyllo Dough.  I used a recipe that I found by searching "Easy Baklava" on all recipes.com

As for WHY I did it ... well, that was for love.  The love of a very spoiled child:  SugarBear.  This past quarter his middle school class has been studying Europe in English and History.  Their studying will culminate with a party tomorrow which will feature foods from the countries that they researched, blogged about (he blogged!  so exciting!!), scrapbooked about and wrote many paper in the form of complaint letters, magazine articles, post cards, friendly letters and poetry.

Why didn't I just buy the Baklava?  I did.  The teacher asked that the students experience making the food if at all possible ... it was possible ... we ate what we had purchased and made more.

It smells delicious and SugarBear did help.  He melted the butter and critiqued my technique.  He didn't care for the feel of the raw dough, but he did give me a great compliment.  His words, not mine.  "I bet your's tastes better than the other one because you are such a good cook".  He will make a great husband someday, but until then I will be happy to cook whatever suits his fancy.