The Chicken Chronicles and Chicken Soup

The Chicken Chronicles ... Momma always told me to have a little "Chicken Soup" to fight off a cold.

I know it looks bad.  I'm sure it is wrong.  But what you have to understand is that this little pullet was ringing death's doorbell just 3 days ago.

I found her in a corner of our coup (she is a member of our younger pullet flock) with her back to the wall, head tucked under a wing, eyes closed, limp comb and unable to stand.  I had been out of town for a few days and this little girl took it rough (really, it had nothing to do with me).  I thought for sure I would be dealing with a loss to our flock when Saturday morning rolled around, but she was still breathing so we began the fight to save her.

I cleaned up her beak to make sure her nostrils were not clogged, filled a plastic medication plunger with unflavored Pedialyte, opened up her beak and started the rehydration process a few drops at a time  giving her time to swallow.  After the first tablespoon she actually started opening her beak for me to put more Pedialyte in for her.  Next, I gave her a little room temp green machine Naked Juice.  She didn't like it (they never do).

She needed a bath (badly).  She was still unable to stand, but her digestive system was working so you can imagine her back end was not in good shape.  A warm soak, a little Dawn and a good rinse resulted in a better smell and a cleared vent.

Yet again, I expected to find a deceased pullet the next morning, but she was a little better again. We went through the same drill, but this time I added a little Plain Greek Yogurt for protein.

I know I sound like a broken record, but ... I really expected her to pass and we considered euthanizing her.  However, today when I went in to check on her she was turned the opposite direction meaning that she had waddled, turned, rolled, something and her eyes were open.

I know she needs protein to get stronger and solid food seems to be a bit out of reach for her still, so I thought I can probably use the medicine plunger with cream soup ... she liked it ... she really liked it.

Tuesday (tomorrow):
Honestly, I'm a bit hopeful.  Maybe she will make it out of the woods.  As soon as she is back on her feet she will be getting a good worming and close monitoring before returning to her flock.