Mustaches and Candlelight

Today is our Adoption Anniversary.

It's not like a birthday, not like "Got Ya Day", but a time that is special to us.  Two years ago today we became a complete family with the finalization of the adoption of our three foster children.  We made a promise to them that day and then sealed it a few days later with an Adoption Dedication at our church.

We sit for a family picture each year within a week of the anniversary to chronicle our lives (and looks) and build one more block of history together.  We also go out for a "fancy" dinner to celebrate.  We are going out for our dinner this weekend.  However, I wanted to do something today to celebrate.

When I asked the kids about it on the way home from school they were all excited to have our "fancy dinner" and there was more than a groan or two when I told them we were waiting until the weekend.  Then HoneyBunny added in, "but I really want to eat with the candlelight".  Not to be outdone LoveBug quickly added "and we should all have mustaches".  JellyBean giggled with delight and then declared, "mustaches scare me", and giggled some more.  SugarBear joined in too with the planning and laughter and soon it was settled.

I got home and retrieved the candles and candlesticks.  My Darling started working on our meal and I pulled out my trusty vinyl cutter to make us all mustaches!