Processed Bear Food

Don't blame me ... the little bear cub had a preference for processed food.  Talk to his/her mother!

Let me back up a bit.  We had a visitor early this morning.  I wouldn't say the visitor was unwelcome or even unexpected, but surprising ... yes.  If you follow our blog you may remember we had a bear in the garage about this time last year, but now there is a garage door opener that keeps the door closed.  Unfortunately, someone left the garage door open last night.  I have a theory about how it happened, but that doesn't matter.

The bears are getting ready to hibernate and thus become pests during this time of year.  Luckily our visitor was small.  There wasn't much damage in the garage.  The ATV and Harley were untouched.  In fact, the dog food bin, garbage can, recycling bin and the picture frame with glass insert were all in much the same condition as before the visitor arrived.  All of this lead me to believe our visitor must have been small (cub size).  However, the freezer is a bit worse for the experience.

The freezer door was open and the healthy food we had just stocked was secured and still frozen due to our low fall temperatures.  However, the emergency Mom-forgot-to-plan-dinner-around-activities food was ... consumed.  Our little visitor must have enjoyed the deli meat, frozen hamburgers and frozen breakfast sandwiches because they are all gone leaving only the packages scattered about the garage.  Our visitor took the bag of trash and a bag of frozen fruit to-go.

Diva, our fierce white standard poodle who roams our mountain, went crazy this morning getting the other dogs excited just as I was getting the boys up for school.  I opened the front door so she could dash out (the other two dogs hung back) and secure the property.  I didn't see the intruder, but from the debris it is clear Diva interrupted  the bag of frozen fruit being consumed (the mango was already gone, but a few strawberries remained).  Our guest took the bag of garbage with him/her, but dropped it on the lower path when the chase began in ernest.

Diva didn't return for about 30 minutes and I was getting a bit concerned when she rounded the corner.  A few days ago she was fresh from the groomer (picture the perfectly groomed standard, snow-white poodle) and now she was covered in burs.  I sat down with a comb and scissors to get her cleaned up again and she nearly fell asleep with her head in my lap while I cleaned up (another) mess.

Clean up time outside was quick.  One thing I will say is that our guest cleaned his/her plate (a.k.a. garage floor) leaving only empty packages.  The bag of fruit was still frozen, so I just picked up the clump and tossed it.  The garbage bag was mostly intact.  We don't put much food waste in the trash (the chickens eat our scraps), so there wasn't much that was "yucky".  The freezer will never the the same since a very strong paw swiped over the shelves on the door and "removed" two of them.

Off to school ... it's just another day living in the mountains!!