Books of the Bible Wall Art

If you know me in "real life" then you know that I have been working on the renovation of our children's ministry area in our little church.  In an effort to get our older elementary kids (4th-6th grade) a bit more excited about coming to Bible Study one of the things we decided to do was give the a "cool" (more grown up) hang out place.  

Here is the picture of the original space that was being used by our preschool age kids.  (Please excuse the iPhone pictures - you gotta use what you got some days ...)

We painted (gray - the all purpose neutral) and added furniture for a lounge style feeling (for some reason I really wanted a red sectional and black coffee table - thank you to the inventors of spray paint!).  I had to let the paint set for 2 weeks on the walls before I could more forward with the next stage ... removable vinyl wall art.




It is my hope that the listing of the books of the Bible will appeal to my visual learners and that things will start to sink into their active brains without them even realizing it.  As you can see in the pictures it went from light to dark outside during the installation.

I will update you with more as I get it completed.  This little project was cut with my newest toy that I purchased after selling stuff on craigslist to fund it.  My SC Series (25") vinyl cutter is loads of fun, but the installation of this piece took nearly 2 hours and that didn't include the time to cut, weed and mask it.

Did you catch the typo?  I didn't see it for almost 3 weeks.  One Wednesday I arrived early to get set up from my class and finally took the time to sit on the couch and look at the wall.  How could I have possibly misspelled Genesis?  No one had mentioned it, so I asked around.  Only one couple had noticed and they were too polite to say anything.  With the ice broken they gave me the next bit of bad news ... I was missing a book.  Seriously?  I counted.  Sure enough there were only 65.  Why didn't I count them before?  I've now fixed Genesis and added Zephaniah.  I need to take a new picture, but this one keeps me humble.


  1. Be sure & let us know what the kids thought of their new space.

  2. This wall decal is exactly what I have been looking for!
    Did you have it custom made for you? Can you share where and what it cost?


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