Birthday Gifts via Garage Sale

My birthday is tomorrow ... and I've been selling stuff on craigslist to get the cash together to buy a big ticket item.  (I'm almost there - just waiting to see if they put it on sale this week - fingers crossed)

Thus, we did a little garage selling this past Saturday to find birthday gifts.  Normally I wouldn't write a post about our finds, but a good friend was recently surprised to find that I was excited about going "garage selling" to find gifts.  She said to me, "would you really WANT anything that you find?"  "Well, yes.  Yes, I would."


Decorative Yellow Metal Container:  $1
- used to decorate a bare spot in the window -

Solid Wood Sewing Box:  $.75 (yes, that is cents)
- used to store DS games and game system, near a plug, yet out of site - 

2'X3' Silver Framed Beveled Edge Mirror:  $5
- frame to be painted black, vinyl words to be applied and then hung on a family wall -

Decorative dark red vase:  $1
- used to balance the dresser decorating space, now it is perfect -

Metal Serving Bowl:  $2
- used to catch all those things that scatter around the bathroom counter top -

Wood Block Votive Holder:  $4
- used to create a mood without lighting an entire fire - 

I've wanted one of these for YEARS, but was unwilling to pay the $40 price tag they normally carry.  I could have just found this little gem and been a happy, garage sale searching gal!

Total spent:  $13.75


  1. Very nice. I always feel like I should check out local garage sales, but I never seem to find the time. Great stuff!


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