Addition and Subtraction for the TV Age

My youngest boys have struggled with subtraction and number placement a bit and I must admit that I have been stumped.  We have tried number games, flash cards, repetition, etc., but they quickly lost interest.  As you know when kids lose interest the lesson ends.

One thing they have not lost interest in over time is television (too bad :-{).  Today I needed the volume turned up a bit when everyone got up and our household noise level increased a bit.  Rather than do it myself I had HoneyBunny turn up the TV and I asked him to put it on 27.

The volume quickly went over 27 before he stopped, but then I asked if that was correct.  He adjusted it down (quickly again) to the single digits.  I reminded him to go slow and after just a few tries he found 27 and was SO proud of himself.  The best news to me was that he demonstrated that he does understand number placement and increasing/decreasing value!!