Through Their Eyes Thursday

I love the glimpses I get of "their world" through their words and actions and summer break brings loads of opportunities to spend more time together refreshing our bond and listening to them (albeit not always fun and encouraging ...)

JellyBean is usually our best source.  These are a few of his recent observations ...
While walking up our driveway which is a little less than a quarter of a mile with a 200 foot increase in elevation as you walk up from the barn our little one had this exchange with his Dad.

Daddy:  "Jackson keep up".
JellyBean:  "It's hard for me.  You're heavier".
Daddy:  "I know.  It should be easier for you because you are lighter".
JellyBean:  "Nuh-hu.  I'm darker".

Did I mention we are a trans-racial family?  Would you like to know what else JellyBean has had to say recently?

JellyBean:  "Mine is all filled up with words", in reference to his Bible while flipping through the pages on the way to church.