Upcycled Photo Frame

Do you have an old, ugly picture frame?  You can either hide it in the closet or give it new life with a coat of paint and some fabric.

 It actually photographed much better than it was in person.  You can't see all of the scratches and the outdated finish.

A can of pebble colored spray paint left over from another project gave me a quick base coat and dried in about an hour.

I had some tinted glaze left over from a faux painting project from the bathroom.  I applied it with a brush and then ...

I removed some of the excess glaze with a dry brush until I achieved the color and distressed look that I wanted.  There really isn't a right or wrong with this process.  A wet paper towel will take off all the glaze allowing you to start over anytime before the glaze dries.

Then, it was a simple matter of finding a piece of material to put behind the glass.  Something with texture, but without an obvious print works the best.  I used a piece of burlap for the rustic look that I wanted.

As an added bonus I used a piece of velcro with adhesive on both sides to secure a dry erase marker to the back of the frame.  Now my marker is always handy and I can leave a note to myself or the kids in a high traffic area in our house.