Summer Vacation Safety

We will be leaving for our summer family vacation to Walt Disney World tomorrow and I have been making lists, packing things, checking things off of lists and making touring plans ( for the last few days. It will be the first time all 6 of us have gotten on a plane and gone on a long distance vacation together. In fact, it will be the first time the little ones have been on a plane (I'll try to get some blog appropriate pics).  

We are visiting WDW during the highest attendance week because that was how our schedule worked out and we like to challenge ourselves. When we only had one child it was easy to keep track of him and I'm sure that we will manage to keep track of four this go around, but just in case one wonders off I made up safety cards for each one. As you know little ones when frightened will tell people that Mom's name is Mommy rather than give the information that they are seeking and as for recalling a phone number in a time of crisis ... it is difficult for me also. Thus, I made each of the boys a little safety card that will tuck into their hip pack where they will carry their snacks. Below is the information I included wanting to keep it short and communicate the important stuff. Then I laminated each one. 

(insert 2"X3" picture of child)
LoveBugImportant Information:“I’m at WDW with my 3 brothers, Mom and Dad”I am 7 years old.  I have special needsDad:  XXX XXXX, Cell:  000-000-0000Mom: XXX XXXX, Cell:  000-000-0000Hotel:  XXX XXXX, Cell:  000-000-0000Home:  0000 South Paw, Somewhere, XX 00000

LoveBug's Backpack Contents:NotebookPencilColoring BookCrayon RollDeck of Cards(2) BooksDS w/ chargerSnacksEar BudsIpod

Now each of them have a security card (and of course I kept a copy for myself), so that in the dreadful event that one of them should come up missing I have a current picture to hand over immediately. I stopped just short of finger printing them all again on the back of my sheet ... I'm kidding, mostly.