Rainbow Pudding

Second up to bat in the line of VBS snacks ... Rainbow Pudding.

Before you all send me comments on the evils of food coloring in anything let me just note that it is a toss up between the evil food coloring (yes, there are other options at Whole Foods which I will purchase when I do it in bulk) and the allergy to berries that some of the kiddos have make coloring the vanilla pudding with berries not a valid option.

How did I make such a scrumptious creation?  Simple enough really ...
Vanilla pudding divided into three parts and then colored with food coloring.  (1) red, (1) yellow and (1) green.
I started with a layer of whipped topping in the bottom of the cup (we learned we should have used less) and then topped it off with the topping also (once again, we should have used less.