Father's Day Keepsake

A quick note to my darling husband ... if you happen to be reading this before Sunday, June 17, 2012 STOP HERE!

Now for those of you whom I am not married to and do not share the joy of raising our 4 boys with ... carry on reading.

Having just finished the remodel of our master suite and saving for our trip to Disney World later this summer lead me to a cash crunch down for Father's Day gift giving.  We are lucky that the Dad in our family is sentimental making coming up with a keepsake craft for his special day easy.  I love crafts that feature finger prints, hand prints and thumb prints.  Somehow it reminds me of the messes they make along the way and the way I cherish their uniqueness.  We used thumb prints for teacher's gift bookmarks that I should blog about, but back to our subject at hand (pun intended) ... Handprint Keepsake.

Collage Photo Frame
Card Stock
Washable Ink Pad
Children's Hands
Hand Soap

Step One:  Purchase the Collage Photo/Picture Frame with the number of openings that you need (in our case we needed 4, but not there are only 3 displayed ... a little math and I was able to determine I could make 4 fit in the frame).

Step Two:  Cut the card stock to fit your photo openings.  For my project I cut the 8.5" X 11" card stock in half along the long side resulting in two pieces of 8.5" X 5.5" card stock.  (The size of your paper will need to change based on the photo openings - most are 4"X6" or 5"X7".)  Cut extras for practice and fun ...

Step Three:  Have your child(ren) wash and dry their hands throughly.

Step Four:  Take one hand and gently cover the palm, fingers and finger tips with ink using the washable ink pad.

Step Five:  Make the hand print.  (I would suggest making a few extra for other projects and just in case the first one doesn't come out quite right.)

Step Six:  Repeat until all children have been printed (all 4 of ours wouldn't fit in the camera frame).

Step Seven:  Add a notation to the bottom of each print with the child's name and age at the time of the print.

Step Eight:  Assemble in age order into the collage frame (I edited the photo to remove the names and ages for the blog shot).


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