Birthday Party Gift Idea

A week or so ago I made each of the boys a crayon roll in preparation for our trip to Walt Disney World using the tutorial over at the pleated poppy.  It is intended to be a practical way to travel and keep them busy on the plane and at the airport during our layover.  To my surprise/delight all the boys really loved their crayon roll.  I made SugarBear's with Crayola Twistables and increased the dimensions to account for the added length.  JellyBean, HoneyBunny and LoveBug all have brand new crayons in theirs, but I digress ...

Back on topic:  Birthday Gifts

We attended a party for some twins today and have another party to attend tomorrow, so I took a look in my material cabinet and found fabric that I thought would match each of their personalities.  I bought the twistables (we decided we like that version the best) and sketch pads and got to work.  The cover for the sketch pad will easily accept replacement pads or legal pads and since the pad cover and roll match there will not be any arguing over what belongs to who.

I didn't use a tutorial for the sketch pad cover, but just laid it all out and made a prototype using heavyweight interfacing to give it the structure that it needed.

Of course, they got better with the more that I made.  I secretly want one myself ...