Our Closet Is Complete

I know it is probably wrong to be this excited about a closet, but I am very excited.  Really the pictures don't do it justice.  This closet is 16' X 13', so I couldn't get it all in one picture.  In chopping it into two pictures it loses something.

We took what had been one of the master bathrooms (remember there were two is this odd little house that I love) and the small walk in closet that adjoined it and converted them into one luxury walk-in closet.  My darling and I have a lot of clothes (he has more than me ... hee, hee, hee) and we finally have one closet in which to put them ALL.

We decided to go with wood flooring to match the older parts of the house and used Elfa Shelving to organize everything.  My darling had the good fortune of walking into the Container Store the day they were scheduled to change the floor model and was able to snatch up most of what we needed for 50% off!!


  1. I'm not behind on reading your blog, just behind on commenting :) I had to stop and comment on this though - WOW! At first I thought you had created a "family closet" (I have a friend that has one), but then I realized those are all grown-up clothes. Amazing! It looks so incredibly organized - I love it. Our entire family's clothes could fit on one half, but I'd love to have the ELFA - love that stuff! Great job!


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