Bath Tub and Fireplace ... Done

We are in the middle of packing for our trip "back home", but I wanted to get these before and after pictures posted.  I will do a more complete job on the bathroom when I get back, but since I had taken these photos for the stone mason to use I thought I would share them with you too ...

Bathroom Tub Before

Bathroom Tub After

Obviously, we gutted the whole thing and took out the huge tub to replace it with something a bit more manageable.  I especially like the stone surround on the tub deck because it brings a bit of the rustic outdoors into our renovated space.

I don't have a before picture of the fireplace because it was a last minute addition to finish updating the space, but let me paint a picture for you.  The original fireplace stood in all of it's 1980's glory with a slate tile facade on the bottom half and a heavy cedar herringbone design on the top half.  The fireplace enclosure gleamed with a high-gloss polished brass fire screen that was quite the scene stealer as it was all I ever saw when I looked at the fireplace.

Now we have the same rocks that we featured around the tub in the bathroom to tie the two spaces together and a rustic mantel that I found on ebay of all place.  The lights were added when we did the remodel because our bedroom doesn't have any overhead lighting.  Now this fireplace is a focal point and I love it.