Why Am I The Only One In A Rush?

I simply cannot be the only Mom in the world with this problem ... I am the only person in our house (excluding my darling husband) who is ever in a rush!  Getting out the door for school, church, sport's practices and games, you name it often causes me to raise my voice.  I really don't like starting out the day like that, but it seems to happen most days.

Our biggest offender is SugarBear (pre-teen) on school mornings.  You would think that he had been dipped in resin and is slowly amberizing some mornings.  He struggles to wake up most mornings and even suggest that we move his bedtime back to 8:30pm to help him get more sleep.  In an effort to be completely awake when he goes to school he also suggested that he take his shower in the morning and set his alarm to get up 15 minutes earlier to accommodate his shower.  It sounded reasonable to me, so I agreed.  Little did I know the child would take a 23 minute long shower.  I think he may have fallen back to sleep in there.

After a week of fighting this new battle over shower length with no significant change I ordered a timer for him to be able to SEE that his time is up.

I found several 5 minute shower timers, but there is no way I can get him in and out that quick.  I am hoping the visual and audible aspects of this timer will do the trick.  Otherwise I have a new timeout timer and I can try something else for the shower.

I'm really not looking forward to the "teen years" and with 4 of these guys I think I am going to need a lot of prayers.