Whew ... it is good to sit down

We started off this Saturday morning like most others.  We got up and got ready to go to a lacrosse game.

Since this Saturday's game was scheduled for the morning and was a home game (last week we drove 2 hours one direction!) my darling husband decided we should have a cook-out for the team.  He decided this on Wednesday.  In the midst of the contractors walking in and out of our master suite and the stone mason creating more dust than a good ole' Texas dust devil.  My darling decided this would be a good time to have a party.  He is like that.  I almost always accommodate his whims, but I wasn't so sure this time.  The coach thought it would be a good idea too (he happens to be our general contractor too - gotta love small towns).  At that I was sold.

I spent Thursday and Friday cleaning up after the contractors:  pressure washing away the dust, shaking out rugs, shop vacing the master suite.  Then there was the normal party stuff to do:  juice the lemons and strawberries for strawberry lemonade, buy the stuff for burgers and dogs, put a coat of wax on the outdoor chairs, sweep the patios and courtyard, brush out the dogs, vacuum the floor, work on the waterfall to get the flow right again, etc (this list is making me sad ...)  When I woke up this morning I felt old!  My body was not very happy about that little waterfall project.  However, everything was ready.

I took SugarBear to the Sport's Complex for team pictures and then we all went to the game to watch our boys play on their home turf.  The won!!  And then came over for a celebration cook-out.  It was all ready and the party went off without a hitch.  All the planning and preparation helps to make it look easy.  (I even made a new necklace last night from a promo t-shirt to wear today - find it here.)

When we sat down after it was over to count attendees we think there were around 40 people that were able to make it.  No bad for only giving them 3 days notice.  We will definitely do it again and my darling husband was right ... it was a good day to have a party.  I'm so lucky to have him.  I would never push as hard or lift as high without his encouragement and exuberance for life.