Welcome Spring?

With the unusually early warm weather we have been experiencing everyone is bristling to get outside and enjoy spring.  The downside is that it looks like the ski season is over as the slopes are experiencing temperatures in the 50s most days.  However, if our experience here last year taught us anything it was to expect the unexpected.

Most of yesterday my darling husband and I spent the day outside putting together our greenhouse.  We decided to start small and just ordered a 6'X4' kit to help us extend the growing season a bit and keep the deer and elk at bay.  While we were putting it together on the south facing side of our deck (south=sun in the mountains) we both had to put on sunscreen (me the SPF 50 stuff and he the SPF 12 ... darn freckles ...) and still got a little pink.  Even HoneyBunny, who was our helper most of the day, had a nice farmer's tan in the works by the time we finished and looked like he might be melting.  (I'll never be able to take these boys back to the South)

 All the signs are pointing to spring ... but, I remembered the snow on Easter last year.
(Easter 2011)

Thus, I wasn't too surprised when our morning rain turned to afternoon snow.  We even have a little accumulation now.

Welcome to the mountains were the only predictable thing is the beautiful view and the weather does what is least expected.  We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow too, and then it's clear skies again ... or so they say ...