Through Their Eyes Thursday: Bayblades

I know it is not Thursday, but if I wait I'm sure I will forget about JellyBean's remark.  Of course, I could schedule it to post on Thursday, but then you would have to wait 4 days to read it.

To Mommy from JellyBean on Saturday night while we were watching a local college lacrosse game with several of SugarBear's teammates and coach.

JellyBean:  "Mommy.  I like the dancers."
Mommy:  "I like them too.  They are very talented."

JellyBean:  "They look like bayblades when they spin around."
Mommy:  "I see."
JellyBean:  "Watch Mommy.  They will do it again."

I LOVE being his Mom!  He sees the world in such a unique way.  I remember when we didn't think he was ever going to talk (nonverbal until almost 20 months) and now to imagine the things we would miss out on without his perspective on the world being shared with us.

I'm not sure the girls would like being compared to bayblades, but I promise you that if they knew how much he loves those toys and the way they sparkle when they spin every girl on the team would be charmed.