Our Charmed Life: Tennis Court

Do you ever forget how blessed you are only to be reminded by your child?  Each night I say a prayer of thanks with each of our children at bedtime and we try to add new things that we are thankful for that specific day.  I really want them to THINK when they are praying and not just recite something.

It wasn't during bedtime prayers that LoveBug spoke up, but instead it was as we drove through a neighborhood that looked much like the one that we moved from before coming to live in the mountains.  He was looking around at all of the houses and we were all talking about where we used to live when LoveBug piped up.  "I like our house better because we have a tennis court.  We are lucky to have our tennis court".

It isn't a fancy tennis court, but it is a flat, secure place for the boys to ride their bicycles and scooters.  They are outside right now on the tennis court playing lacrosse.  We are blessed to live such a charmed life.