Monkeys in my tummy

Earlier this week SugarBear stayed home from school with an upset stomach, low grade fever and something a little less pleasant to talk about.  He was quarantined to his room for much of the time and I cleaned and cleaned trying to make sure all of those little germs were put in their proper place.  (R.I.P. germs)  Alas, it seems I missed a germ or two.

Yesterday we received a call shortly after noon from the school letting us know that HoneyBunny had been to the bathroom several times before deciding to take a break from the classroom and lay down in the office.  The office staff is really great with kids and trying to figure out what is really going on with each kiddo ... truly upset stomach or friend that hurt my feelings ... headache or test anxiety ... sore throat or fresh power fever (skiing)... etc.  As a result when they asked HoneyBunny what didn't feel right and he said, "I have monkeys in my tummy and they are jumping around." " Monkeys ... how did they get there?"  "I don't know, but I tried to get them out.  They didn't listen"

A short time later my darling picked HoneyBunny up from school and brought him home.  HoneyBunny tossed and turned on his bed until I went in to check on him.  It was then that he told me that the monkeys were having a fight and rolling around in his tummy.  Oh, no.  Sounds like trouble ... and a mess to clean up ...  I had him lay on his tummy with a special pillow on his tummy just for the monkeys to see if they would lay down and take a nap.  What do you know, it worked!  The monkeys got still and HoneyBunny slept for a few hours.  His monkeys are all better today, but I'm sure they have moved on to another family member by now.