Master Suite Remodel

When we bought our house I could see the potential in it.  It needed quite a bit of work, but the layout worked and most of the house was built well.  As a result the last 16 months have been filled with remodeling projects here and there, but we have but off the big one until just now.  The remodel of the master suite started this Wednesday, so my darling and I have moved into the playroom as our bedroom and closet.  I bought a lot of temporary racks from IKEA and they are lining the walls downstairs.  The playroom is stacked with shoe boxes and storage boxes.  I never have stacks of boxes anywhere and it is making me a little crazy.    The other complication is that the boys will not have a playroom for the next 6-8 weeks.  Fortunately, they enjoy playing in their bedrooms and the den when they can't be outside.

As for the project itself ... with all remodeling projects we have had the privilege of discovering new challenges as the interior walls were removed and the drywall was taken off the exterior walls.  Most notable has been the beams that support our roof.  The one that was in the front bathroom which is being converted into a walk-in closet had pulled away from its support wall and was actually moving around in the soffit.  As you might imagine the roofline outside had sunk by an inch or so due to a heavy snowfall a few years ago.  Our master carpenter can fix it ... $$$$ ..., but it wasn't in the budget.

Next, the fireplace in the master bedroom was built on a floor intended to support drywall, not the 2 tons of wood and tile that has set on it for the last 20 years.  As a result there is a dip in the subfloor in front of the fireplace that has to be fixed in order to install the wood floors.  Carpet could hide the dip, but it is probably better to fix it now ... $$$ ...  Last, for now, the support beam that is in the back master bath (yes, there were two ... odd I know) doesn't tie into the support for the master bedroom.  They lack 18" touching, but it will require a pillar in the bathroom that was not in the original plan which caused a shift in the layout by 18".  Hummm... the joys of discover in the remodeling process.