LoveBug's Big Adventure

The Day I Took A Turn

Yesterday was one of the best days ever. 

I got up for school and since it was warm outside Mom let me wear shorts to school.  I love to wear shorts.

I went to school and got ready to take my spelling test.  I had forgotten to study, but I only missed one.  I’m a really good speller.

Next our class went on a field trip.  We went to a Mexican restaurant for a tour and lunch and then played video games.  I’m really good at video games.

I had such a good day at school that my teacher thought I needed a reward, so I got to go to a friend’s house to play.  I really like play-dates.

When I got to my friend’s house we played more video games and then we decided to go outside and ride bikes.  I ride my 2 -wheel bike at my house all the time.  I’m good at doing jumps and going over bumps.

Then my day took a turn … a really bad turn.  I didn’t make the sharp turn at my friend’s driveway and since he lives on the side of the mountain I tumbled down, down, down.  I don’t fall very well.

When I stopped tumbling I was sitting on the ground and my arms had a lot of boo-boos.  I climbed up to my friend’s house to get some help from his Mom.  I looked tough with all my scrapes.

But, … my arm really hurt.  I fell a long, long, way down.  My friend and his Mom drove me home.  I was brave and didn’t cry.

When Mom saw my arm she look scared.  She told me it was okay and then put me in the car to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM.  The bumps in the road hurt.  I started to cry.

Mom carried me into the hospital even though I’m almost as big as her now.  I was glad she carried me.  My arm really hurt.   I don’t have to be brave with my Mom.

The people at the hospital asked a lot of questions and 28 people asked me how I hurt my arm.  Mom and I were counting how many would ask.  I kept telling them the same story.

“I was playing at my neighbor’s house.  We decided to ride bikes.  I didn’t wear a helmet.  I fell down the hill and hurt my arm.”

I had to get an X-ray of the bone in my arm and a scan of my brain.  I should have made the turn and I should have worn a helmet.  I think I’ll just ride my bike at my house and wear my helmet next time.

My arm was broken, but my brain was okay.  The doctor said that I was really lucky.  I didn’t feel lucky.

My broken arm was so bad that I had to go to another hospital for a surgery.  I’ve never had a surgery, but my Mom said I would be asleep for the whole thing.  I wasn’t worried.

I went to the surgery hospital and spent A LOT of time playing games with my Mom and Dad while we waited.   When it was my turn for surgery the doctor helped me go to sleep.  I slept through the whole thing.

My arm is feeling better.  I have 3 pins holding it together, but they will come out in a few weeks.  I get to go back in a few days to get a cast.  I think I’ll pick blue and red.

Next time, I’m going to make that turn!

It is all true.  He was very brave through the fall, the trip to the ER, the 4 hours of waiting to get a splint, the trip to the next hospital for surgery, the surgery and the trip home.  LoveBug is still more than a little dizzy from the surgery, but he is doing well.  He will get his cast on Monday and in 3 weeks they will do another x-ray to see if we can have the pins removed.

He has promised to never ride a bike without a helmet again because it scared me so much, but he is all boy and likely to break that promise without intending to do so.  The doctors made me feel better about it when they said he was the 4th surgery that day for exactly the same injury.  It was a warm early spring day (rare here in the mountains) and people were out enjoying the sun.  The doctor that did his surgery broke his arm twice during his youth and had these wise words to say.  "If a kid doesn't break a bone or two then he isn't having enough fun."

There is no doubt that our kids have fun and we are one very active family.  We ski, ride bikes, hike and play sports.  In fact, LoveBug was supposed to start playing soccer on Tuesday and just put Tae Kwon Do on hold for the spring and summer.  Now we will be putting a few other things on hold for the next 8 weeks while his arm heals.  He will be better just in time for summer!