Chore Jar

As a follow-up to our Prize Drawer it has been suggested by my darling husband that we also have a Chore Jar.  He has suggested it many times, but I never get around to doing it.  Well, I finally sat down and made the list.

Each chore is written on a popsicle stick and kept in a jar.  When I feel the boys need something "extra" to do they select something out of the chore jar.  They might select something a bit fun (we clean our baseboards with socks on our hands) or select one of their brother's chores giving their brother a "free day".

I especially like the idea of having a go-to-list when they start telling me how boring their lives are with all their toys, friends, board games, video games, books and mountains.  I'm sure you have heard the same thing from your kids ...

So, here is our working list.  I'm sure I'll add a few things when I think of them.  Those items that are seasonal are only added when needed.

Scrub the Toilets
Sweep/Mop the Floors
Clean Bathroom Sinks
Take-out Recycling
Wipe Car Dashboard
Vacuum Car
Pick-up Yard Trash
Refill Firewood
Shovel Snow
Sweep Patios
Dust Upstairs
Dust Baseboards
Dust Downstairs
Organize Movies/Games
Wipe-down Breakfast Table
Set Table
Empty Dishwasher
Feed Dogs
Take Out Trash
Empty Dishwasher
Help Do Today’s Laundry
Wipe Down All Window Sills
Pick-up Dog Poo
Brush Dogs